Hit by COVID-19 and looking for something new? Or thriving studio in search of new candidates? Then this is your event!

The IndieGameBusiness Online events are the largest virtual events in the game industry. We've been doing this for over a year, we're not new to this, and our system works, really well!

Now we're helping you find the next great step in your career or member of your team. Though we've been doing virtual events for a long time, it never made sense to do a career fair because of location issues. Now we're all working remote anyway so the timing is perfect!

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Job Seekers:

  • Submit your CV for positions you're interested in, hiring managers will review and schedule video interviews with candidates they are interested in.
  • Easily search for the positions you are most interested in
  • Grow your network and get to know hiring managers for a move in the future
  • Enjoy a shorter time commitment and access to a wider range of companies

Hiring Managers:

  • Grow your team with access to talent from around the world
  • Easily find and interview the best candidates for your open positions
  • Get better access to under-represented groups in the industry
  • Save money and cut the time to hire dramatically

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